May 12, 2014

Holly & The Woods is Fighting Back!

Holly & The Woods - LIVE! - taken by Shereen Hustler

“‘Fighting Back’ is a very gutsy in your face brutally honest track that will melt all the plastic pop songs that are out there at the moment. The song will bring hope to rock and rollers who traded their guitar for a keyboard.”Bouwer Bosch

“Rock is Dead”. Holly & The Woods doesn’t agree. Keeping it loud and alternative, Holly & The Woods have been making noise as a band for over 8 years.  Releasing their brand new single “Fighting Back”, the first brief to producer, Dale Schnettler, was “We’re not recording for radio, give this track what it deserves. The Radio who support Rock will play the track regardless”.

Holly & The Woods are “Fighting Back”, not just with a new single but with a campaign to let Rock Fans know Rock is still very much alive. The band have seen the industry change since they first appeared on the scene back in 2006. Being fortunate enough to have supported the likes of Shaun Morgan from SEETHER, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Sarah Bettens (from K’s Choice), The Ataris, Prime Circle , Wonderboom and many more on stage, they have learnt that the bands who have stayed around the longest have been the ones to never lose faith in what they do.

“Being a band is not about being the flavour of the week and then breaking up once you think you’re not popular enough anymore. It’s about making the music you love and getting to perform your songs live, regardless of whether there are 5 or 500 people watching you.”, comments singer, Melissa Conradie.

Have a listen to the new Holly & The Woods single “Fighting Back” :

“Producing Holly & the Woods was truly a great experience. The guys are truly talented musicians and really humble band. When the band approached me to produce them it was an honour as I’ve been wanting to record and produce the band for many years. The band came to me with the song all the words, melodies and chords. To add some edge we sat as a unit to see what direction we could move, so I felt a great energetic drum beat with lots of off sets, with cool guitar riffs, along with a running bass and thundering distorted  guitars, and to top it off a powerful vocal. Wow, Melissa is truly one of the most powerful female vocalist out there. Also mixing the song was really great as the musicians played their parts really well and we spent a lot of time getting the right tones and the right chord progression, along with that energy which sticks out in the mix and to capture the personalities as if they were at a live concert. I feel the words are really powerful and have a powerful meaning behind the story.”, comments Dale Schnettler from THE HIT LAB , on recording “Fighting Back” with Holly & The Woods –


Holly & The Woods had some industry friends give their song a first exclusive listen and here’s what they thought of it:

“If you like me miss the 90′s and the angst that came with the songs of those days then you will love  ’Fighting Back’ . Great honest songwriting and I truly believe Melissa is the last female vocalist in SA that fully uses her range in rock music. Why are girls afraid to scream nowadays?”Gareth Wilson, Southern Gypsey Queen (

“SA’s answer to Skunk Anansie. Cool tune!” - Francois van Coke, VAN COKE KARTEL (

“After nearly a decade, Holly and the Woods are still kicking and punching well aware they carry their emotions on their sleeve. Their new single Fighting Back is essentially what you came for – feminist rage driven down 100watt guitar amps with an abrasive blend of melodic punk harmony.”Johann M. Smith, MUSE magazine (

“Holly & The Woods are back and fighting fit with a lekker rocking new track! Catchy and loud and looking forward to the new album \m/” - David Devo Oosthuizen, THE RIFF (


The Music Video for “Fighting Back” is due to be filmed soon, followed by a national “Fighting Back” tour . For more info, go to



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